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Apple iPhone 15 Ultra: Concept images show what rumored iPhone

Rumors have been circulating for months that Apple would replace the ‘Pro Max’ with an ‘Ultra-branded iPhone instead, with the company introducing the Watch Ultra last year, not the Watch Pro. Purportedly, the iPhone 15 Ultra will arrive with innovative buttons, a titanium case housing, and a periscope telephoto camera, the first for an iPhone. While there have been plenty of rumors and leaks about the iPhone 15 Ultra’s features, little is known about its design and how it will differ from the Pro or Pro Max, if at all.

In the meantime, Jonas Daehnert has shared render images of how the iPhone 15 Ultra could look if Apple homogenized its Ultra lineup. As such, Daehnert has imagined the iPhone 15 Ultra as a 12 mm-thick smartphone with the comparatively thin camera housing. The concept images include last year’s Dynamic Island too, which is eventually expected to make way for all under-panel cameras.

Additionally, the concept images give the iPhone 15 Ultra the same profile as its smartwatch counterpart, with a raised bezel. Daehnert has even included orange accents and a fourth hardware button, however unlikely the latter is to appear on an iPhone. The device’s USB Type-C port is more likely to appear on future iPhones though, with all iPhones released this year expected to switch from Lightning to USB Type-C connectivity.

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